Why Are You Still Using Body Shops When This Springdale PDR Team Could Save You Thousands!

At some point your car is inevitably going to fall victim to some minor body damage. While it may not warrant a trip to the body shop the blemish is annoying nonetheless. It sits there haunting the otherwise flawless finish on your car. Luckily, NWA Dent Repair is the Springdale PDR solution you’ve been waiting for! Our fast, simple, and affordable services is the best way to avoid costly body shop visits.

Repairs on a Dent by Dent Basis

Like most Springdale PDR companies, we charge on a dent by dent basis. This makes us much more affordable than competing body shops. For example, our estimate could depend on the location and severity of the dent; however, if you have three minor dents, two of which are on the same panel, then the price of those two dents will be significantly lower because only one panel needs to be removed. You can even pay for just the two dents and have the third removed at a later time. To better understand how PDR can save you money you should know the process.

How We Do Springdale PDR

Paintless dent repair is a very simple process that requires the proper tools and knowledge to master. To begin, in order for a dent to be repaired by PDR the paint finish needs to remain intact. This may seem pretty exclusive at first but most modern paint jobs are designed to be very resilient and crack resistant. After a quick assessment of the damage we can begin our work. We start off by finding a way to approach the dent from behind. This could mean removing a panel or simply using a thin metal tool to slide through the window and apply pressure. In some cases we can even pull the dent using suction or glue. Then we gently pressure to work out the dent. Slowly but surely the car’s factory state is restored.

Don’t let an annoying trip to the body shop be the difference between a dent disaster and a flawless finish. Choose the fast, simple, and affordable alternative. Call NWA Dent Repair, Springdale’s #1 PDR shop, today at 479-553-7596!

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