NWA Dent Removal Services

We at NWA Dent Repair pride ourselves in the quality of our work and the dent removal services we provide.

a small dent before NWA dent removal services

Paintless Dent Removal Service

Those annoying little dents diminish the value of your vehicle. We remove them without a trace and without the need for body fillers or paint!

a medium dent before NWA dent removal services

Small to Medium Sized Dent Removal Service

You will be amazed at what we can repair. Check with us before the body shop. If we can fix it, we will cost much less than a body shop. If we can’t we can still help you.

a hail damaged car before NWA dent removal services

Hail Dent Removal Service

Paint-less Dent Repair (PDR for short) is the preferred method of repairing hail damage by all major insurance companies. We can even help you with all of the paperwork if a claim is needed to be filed.

a small dent before NWA dent removal services

Free Condition Report

Toyota studies report that every dollar spent on cosmetic repairs results in a 4 dollar increase in value of the vehicle. If you are thinking of selling or trading your vehicle in, get a free report first and see how much money you could gain.