4 Reasons You Need Our Bentonville Hail Repair Team

Bentonville Hail Repair

Every new car is a beautifully designed piece of machinery that requires regular maintenance to keep it in top condition. All owners have an inherent sense of pride in the appearance of their vehicle. It’s only natural to want to keep it in top condition. The best way to keep your car’s blue book value in peak condition is with our Bentonville hail repair team. We offer a simple dent repair solution that can handle any type of dent at the affordable rates you’ve been searching for. Call NWA Dent Repair today!

Simple Solution

Our Bentonville hail repair team achieves effectiveness through their simplicity. PDR doesn’t require complicated steps or expensive materials to complete. Instead, we target the dent from it’s source by knocking the panel back into place. This requires much less time than standard repair methods and is even much safer. No paint matching or respraying is required so your repairs are virtually invisible.


Paintless hail repair is much more versatile than competing methods. Nearly 80% of all surface level dents can be knocked out in a timely manner with PDR. Not to mention we can even repair hail damage!


Paintless dent repair is the most affordable form of repair on the market. This is because we have no need to paint over the damage. We instead choose to massage the dent back into place saving you money in labor and material costs.

Boost Value

Many drivers and vintage collectors choose paintless dent repair for its ability to boost resale value. Our Bentonville hail repair team specializes in processes that don’t affect your paint job at all. This leaves your original finish untouched. In addition, most Bentonville insurance companies and manufacturers recognize PDR as a safe form of repair meaning you can make an insurance claim on your dent repair!

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