Is a Body Shop or PDR a Better Choice: Bentonville Door Ding Repair

Nothing is more annoying than leaving your car for a moment and coming back to find a fresh door ding. Unfortunately, they are almost impossible to avoid. In the event that your vehicle does fall victim to one it’s important to understand the difference between body shop repairs and PDR and how each can benefit you in different ways. Call our Bentonville door ding repair crew today at 501-269-8776 to find out more.

PDR is a Fantastic Body Shop Alternative

To begin with, we would like to stress that PDR isn’t the perfect solution for all damage. Its primary use is removing all kinds of surface level dents caused by shopping carts, inattentive passengers, or even hail. However, if the car’s paint has been cracked then a body shop may be your only option.

Too often do we see unsuspecting drivers served a raw deal by body shops that claim to have amazing rates when, in reality, they are being charged body shop prices and not PDR prices. If you have a simple ding then calling a Bentonville door ding repair team should always be your first option. This is because PDR is meticulously designed to handle these types of dents. While body shop repairs will have the damage primed, filled, sanded, repainted, and more, paintless dent repair takes a more direct approach. We opt to remove the dent, rather than cover it up, by massaging it back into place.

Why Choose Our Bentonville Door Ding Repair Crew?

NWA Dent Repair is experienced in many different types of damage, but door dings are a specialty of ours. We can remove just about any ding in a few hours. When compared to body shops our speeds beat the nearest competitor by almost three times! In addition to fast turnarounds, PDR is very budget friendly. Our quick turnarounds mean low labor costs for you and the streamlined design of the process lowers a lot of material expenses. Finally, our Bentonville door ding repair team is the fastest and most affordable way to keep your car’s value in check. PDR is proven to help boost your resale value because it is “non-invasive”. This simply means that it doesn’t affect your paint job at all.

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