Fix Your Fender Benders at Our Bentonville Collision Repair Shop

When compared to traditional paint methods, paintless dent repair is much faster, more affordable, and safer for the long term value of your car. While body shops spend time replacing panels  and filling the dent, which lowers your resale value, this method provides the safest way to repair surface level damage. If you need your car returned to its pre-collision state then don’t hesitate. Call our Bentonville collision repair shop now at 501-269-8776.

No More Spotty Paint Jobs

You can usually spot a car that has had some traditional dent work done by its unappealing splotchy paint job. This is because body shops that don’t have an in house PDR tech use the same methods for severe collision repair as they do for minor. This process involves sanding, priming, filling, respraying, and in some cases, panel replacement. Since identical paint codes can be difficult to pinpoint this often results in poor blending. These noticeable spots definitely lower the overall worth of your car because the paint isn’t the weather resistant factory coat. With our Bentonville collision repair team restoring your vehicle is simple and easy. Just call us at 501-269-8776 for your free estimate, then bring your car to our shop and we’ll restore your car to its pre-collision state in no time!

An Environmentally Friendly Option

As an added bonus you can rest easy knowing that paintless collision repair does not use an toxic chemicals. Many paints have hazardous components that can damage the environment but PDR does not use them. Instead, we opt for a simpler method. By massaging the dents back into place we can restore you vehicle’s authentic state without any dangerous runoff.

We Keep Our Rates Low

Our Bentonville collision repair shop has the best rates in Northwest Arkansas. Paintless dent repair expenses are relatively low to begin with since we don’t require expensive materials like filler or paint. Additionally, we keep the estimation process clear and concise by agreeing upon a price with you personally before beginning any repairs.

No One Beats Our Speeds

Paintless dent removal is the fastest way to repair minor collision damage. Since we don’t waste time removing panels, repainting, and filling the dent our turnarounds are much faster than competing body shops. Our Bentonville collision repair beats the closest speeds by nearly three times and the reduced labor means even lower costs for you!

With paintless dent repair door dings, creases, dents, and minor collision damage have never been easier to repair. Call our Bentonville collision repair shop today at 501-269-8776 to find out if your minor collision damage is eligible for paintless dent removal.

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