How to Decide Between PDR and a Bentonville Body Shop

Do You Need PDR or a Bentonville Body Shop?

Next time you get a minor fender bender or door ding take a moment to consider whether you need a PDR tech or a Bentonville body shop. There are several key difference between the two options that make them both worth while. For instance, are you in need of visual and mechanical changes? Then perhaps a body shop would suit you better. Or maybe you’re getting ready to sell your car and want to get the maximum value out of it? In that case PDR should do the trick. Whatever the situation take a moment to weight your options.

Know The Difference

Body Shops

Body shops are expensive and time consuming. However, that does not mean that they should be disregarded completely. In fact it’s quite the contrary. Body shops are actually essential to maintaining good vehicle health. Their process is just different from paintless dent repair. For example, body shops are more capable of handling severe mechanical and aesthetic damage. When two cars collide panels can twist and shift making it impossible for PDR to restore. If you were in an accident in Bentonville then remember, this is where body shops excel.

Paintless Dent Repair

While body shops are great for both mechanical and visual damage, PDR turns restoring your car’s aesthetics into an art form. It’s all about the look and value of your vehicle. Overall PDR is less expensive, offers faster turnarounds, and helps maintain your true value. But it can’t do anything to restore the functionality of your car.

PDR can offer such a wide variety of benefits because of its simple nature. Instead of filling and repainting like body shops, PDR opts for a more direct approach. Technicians carefully push and pull at the dent from both sides to mold the metal back into place. When done by a professional this offers very little risk of cracking your factory paint finish.

Benefits of PDR

  • Less expensive than traditional body shops.
  • Extremely fast turnarounds. We’re talking a matter of hours.
  • Less invasive than any other method.
  • Maintains your blue-book value. Perfect for vintage and antique collectors.
  • Approved by most Bentonville insurance companies.

NWA Dent Repair is the perfect alternative to Bentonville body shops. If you’re in need of a boost in value then call us today at 479-553-7596 so we can get you a free damage assessment!

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