Bentonville’s Affordable Alternative for Auto Body Shops!

Auto Body Shops Are Necessary

To begin with, classic body shops provide an essential service that is irreplaceable. They offer comprehensive repairs for every facet of your vehicle including cosmetic and internal damage. That being said a Bentonville auto body shop isn’t always the most efficient method. They employ a lot of time and resource demanding steps that can add up. For instance, to even provide an accurate quote body shops need to disassemble your car so they can get a clear picture of the damage. With the inclusion of dent removal, detailing, and reassembly labor and material costs can skyrocket.

When to Choose Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair isn’t a perfect miracle service however, under the right circumstances it can save you a ton in time and money.

  • PDR makes a great substitute for any Bentonville auto body shop if your car has suffered minor dents or dings. In fact, paintless dent repair is capable of removing nearly all dents assuming the paint is intact. This makes it the most versatile form of repair on the market. Unfortunately however, most drivers simply guess that their damage is too severe.
  • Paintless dent repair is great for hail damage. Even drivers who frequent PDR shops are taken aback by this. Hail storms cause over one billion dollars in property damage every year. So to hear that there is an affordable substitute to Bentonville auto body shops sounds too good to be true.
  • PDR can repair minor collision damage. This is the big one for most drivers. When you hear collision you think “bad” but in the case of minor damage such as fender benders it’s no trouble at all. Paintless dent repair can return your car to its pre collision state without adding to your vehicle history report.

How Can NWA Dent Repair Help You?

We are a locally owned and operated Bentonville dent repair company. Billy Joe began his PDR career at a young age thanks to his background in both collision and auto body repair. Influence from his father and older brother has helped define his quality of work and integrity as a business owner. Delivering the best results possible is our first priority at NWA Dent Repair and we won’t sacrifice that for anything else. If you are looking for a reliable substitute to Bentonville auto body shops then call us today at 501-269-8776 to schedule a free damage assessment.

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