My family, the ones that drive my Arkansas PDR business.

Something For you To Get To Know More About Us and our Arkansas PDR Business.

My name is Billy Joe Virden and I am the owner of NWA Dent Repair, the leaders in Arkansas PDR. I grew up in Central Arkansas and began working on cars at an early age. My father and older brother are both collision repair technicians, so auto body repair was a natural course for me when I graduated high school. We all worked together in a BMW body shop in Little Rock for a few years, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that I wanted to do something different. While working in different body shops, I started to learn about paintless dent repair. After a little while, I finally talked someone into training me. It was a slow and difficult process, but I eventually got to be pretty good and turned it into a full-time occupation. I was in my early 20s around this time and I met my wife, Lauren, who was attending UCA in Conway, which is where I was living at the time. Lauren was from Bentonville and over the years we spent a lot of time in the area, visiting her family, and I began to see that it was an awesome area. As time went on, we got married, had our first baby, Embrey, and also found a new avenue for our business: chasing hail storms. We started traveling all across the country fixing hail damage on cars after a big storm had come through. Somewhere along the way, we added our second child, Charlie, to our little family. We really enjoyed traveling the country and getting to see new places, but we also knew that as our children grew, it would get harder and harder to do so. After a lot of discussion and prayer, we decided to open a permanent, retail Arkansas PDR shop. We wanted to be in Arkansas so we could be close to our families. We also wanted a great place to raise our children. We wanted to be somewhere that had great growth opportunities for our business. So after a lot of consideration, we made the obvious choice to move to NWA and start our business. We could not be happier, and we really feel like we made the best decision possible. We love this area and the opportunities it provides for our family and our Arkansas PDR business.